A new podcast from the creators of Good Life Project® that'll reconnect you with what it means to be human again!  


Launching in Spring 2018, each podcast features one person, sharing a moment or experience that turned their world upside-down, moved them to laughter or tears, and at the center of it all was love. 

Could be heartwarming or funny stories about finding love, moving reflections on love lost, denied, inflamed, surprised, snuffed-out or revealed. Moments of service, devotion, courage, bravery, awakening or sacrifice rooted in love between family, friends, strangers, animals or even enemies. All is fair game. As long as the source fuel love, and it's focused around a specific moment or experience.

Be on the Podcast...

Tell us your story, and you might get featured! We're on the hunt for powerful stories that fit the above description. They don't have to be grand in scale, but they must be real, honest, and, you've gotta have the ability to tell it in a compelling way. If you think you have the perfect story, we want to hear from you. Like, now! Here's how to submit your story for consideration:

1. THINK ABOUT YOUR STORY. How you would share a mini-version of it in just 5-minutes? The actual podcast offers a much more luxurious 15-minutes, but for the purpose of reviewing submissions, we have to keep things short and sweet. Five-minutes max, no exceptions.

2. RECORD A 5-MINUTE AUDIO VERSION. Use your desktop or mobile device, voice-recorder or anything else that will let you record your mini-story in mp3 format. Just find the app on your device. It's super simple, but if it's your first time, this guide should help walk you through on iOS, Android and Windows devices. Please do not exceed 5-minutes, or we won't be able to accept the submission. Oh, and also no teasers or cliffhangers or "hey, call me and I'll tell you the ending."

3. SEND US YOUR MP3 AUDIO. Once you have a recording you feel good about, email your mp3 recording to stories@lovefullstop.com. On a desktop, just attach it to your email. And, most mobile device apps will let you email it straight from the voice-recorder app. 

AND, be sure to include the following in your email:

  • Email Subject: Story submission
  • First and last name
  • Mini-description of story (5 sentence max, no exceptions)
  • Tel #  

Quick note: We wish we had the ability to respond to every submission, but sadly we don't. But, you can be confident that if you've sent the email, we've received it. And, if we feel yours may be a fit, we'll email to follow up within 10 business days.

Our Why...

We've noticed that, more and more, the conversation in the media, and increasingly in the world is dialed into rage and outrage, polarization and persecution. There is, no doubt, injustice and harm that must be addressed. We need to have real, honest, hard conversations that lead to action, agency and change.  

Problem is, the “us vs. them” story is a story half-told. The half that pretends to represent the full scope of our world, our lives, our feelings and beliefs. It leaves out the side of the story about how we’re the same. About common ground. And at the center of that sameness is the most universal experience of all. Love.  

We all feel the gut-wrenching devastation of love lost, the sudden departure of a friend or spouse or parent or pet, either from our lives, or from the planet. We all feel the tears of gratitude from an act of profound sacrifice that comes from a place of love between family, friends, even total strangers. We all feel the dizzying lightness of fresh-brewed romantic love. No one gets out of life without being touched, moved, shaken by this singularly human experience.  

Turns out, love is the great uplifter and unifier. Which is why, when sharing the single biggest contributor to a life well-lived, George Valliant, director of the longest-running study on human flourishing, the Grant Study, offered simply, “happiness is love. Full stop.”  

Love strips us bare, reveals our humanity and opens us to the simple truth that life together is more worth living than life alone. So, we decided, it’s time to start telling the other half of the story. To share moments and experiences that allow us to see ourselves in others, to acknowledge the humanity of those around around us, to not just rage about difference, but be broken-open to recognition, reconnection and elevation. To rediscover a river that runs through every one of us, no matter how different we may seem on the surface.  

Get in Touch...

If you'd like to get in touch with us about something OTHER THAN A STORY SUBMISSION, feel free to reach out using the form below. We are currently accepting inquiries from, and in conversation with, well-aligned brands to partner with the show for a limited number of sponsorship opportunities. And, we're open to partnering in various ways, from the podcast to live events and beyond. 

Oh, and if you're in the media and would like to cover LFS or request an interview with us, feel free to reach out below as well.